House Blocks EPA From Gouging Consumers

Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) applauds action taken by the House of Representatives that would prevent the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from unconstitutionally imposing burdensome regulations on Americans.

On Wednesday, June 21, the House of Representatives approved an amendment to H.R. 4635, the VA-HUD-Independent Agencies appropriations bill, that would block the EPA from using funds to designate ozone non-attainment areas under a new 8-hour ozone standard. The courts have said that the new ozone rules are unenforceable.

Even though the courts have ruled against the EPA and the matter is now pending before the Supreme Court, EPA has continued to demand that states designate metropolitan areas as being in “non-attainment” with the 8-hour standard. Non-attainment status gives the EPA the authority to block federal highway funds and stifle new business development.

Said Patrick Burns, Director of Environmental Policy at CSE, “The House spoke conclusively, until this matter is settled by the Supreme Court, EPA has absolutely no authority to demand that states comply with its new rules. By overreaching its authority and failing to use credible science, EPA made these regulations controversial from the start. Perhaps now they will stop trying to illegally enforce them.”