House Democrats Have Hijacked Chamber to Curtail Due Process

FreedomWorks today responded to the so-called “sit-in” staged by Democrats on the floor of the House of Representatives. House Democrats are staging the protest until the lower chamber votes on legislation to curtail due process rights guaranteed by the Fifth and Fourteenth amendments.

“The spectacle on the House floor is shameful. Democrats have hijacked the chamber to curtail one of our most fundamental civil liberties, the right to due process,” said FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon. “This stunt may make for an effective fundraising drive to bolster Democrats’ campaign coffers, but it’s appalling that these misguided members are so willing to attempt to shred the Bill of Rights and pat themselves on the back for it.”

“Democrats are not even trying to hide their contempt for our freedoms. They’re bragging about it in fundraising emails, press statements, social media posts, and on TV and radio. These attacks on our freedoms aren’t limited to the current scene on the House floor. They’ve become the status quo for this party. We should all be outraged,” Brandon added.

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