Hundreds of CSE Activists Rally for Common-Sense Environmental Reform

Florida CSE activists participate in a discussion about common-sense environmental policies.

Florida CSE brought more than 400 stade-wide CSE activists to Orlando, Florida this weekend (July 15 & July 16) to learn more about common-sense environmentalism, the Clinton-Gore administration’s anti-consumer energy policy, and what’s at stake in the upcoming elections when they took part in Florida CSE’s Issues Forum 2000 & Campaign Issue Intervention.

CSE Executive Vice President Matt Kibbe engages Florida activists in a discussion on the myths vs. reality in environmental protection.

Matt Kibbe, CSE’s Executive Vice President, and Patrick Burns, Director of CSE’s Environmental Policy, educated activists on issues such as global warming and the Kyoto Protocol, gas prices, air quality, the election-year battle regarding the Texas environmental record. The program also featured an interactive introduction to the principles and benefits of free-market environmentalism.

Over the course of the two-day event, the participation and enthusiasm of the assembled Florida activists was genuinely astounding. Environmental issues were among the most popular with the activists.

Briefing books for CSE activists included action items, sample letters to the editor and to elected officials, talking points and in-depth analysis on the issue.

This conference solidified CSE as a grassroots powerhouse that elected officials and candidates need to respect. Unlike any other organization, CSE drew hundreds of people willing to exchange their weekend and money for the opportunity to learn about the dangers of excessive and ill-conceived environmental regulation, and how to be successful in taking on extreme special interests.