Hypocrisy Is in the Air in Lawmakers’ Reaction to NSA Snooping

Following the news of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence’s intent to probe the National Security Agency’s snooping lawmakers who had been in contact with Israeli officials, FreedomWorks Legislative Affairs Manager Josh Withrow commented:

“While we applaud the House panel’s probe into the NSA’s spying on lawmakers, one cannot help but ask, what about the American people? Hypocrisy is in the air. Some who are complaining about this latest controversy have been among the most vocal supporters of the NSA and its unconstitutional snooping on innocent Americans.”

“The Fourth Amendment’s protections against unreasonable searches and seizures are not limited to those who hold elected office. If lawmakers are so outraged that they have been spied on by the NSA, hopefully they will take action to prevent such spying not only on Congress but on all American citizens.”

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