ICYMI: FreedomWorks Continues to Be Leading Voice in Fight to Preserve Election Integrity

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In these critical months leading up to the election, FreedomWorks has continued to be a leading voice in the fight to preserve election integrity and raise awareness about the problems associated with widespread voting by mail. We’ve been tracking and spreading the word about local stories that have been largely ignored by the national media and held two back-to-back fly-ins educating and training activists on how to grapple with the issue back in their home states. Additionally, by urging U.S. senators to vote ‘yes’ to Judge Barrett’s confirmation, we are hoping to fortify and prepare our country for what is likely to be a contested election.

Our efforts were highlighted by Reuters in a special report, Why the Pennsylvania Vote Count Might Throw U.S. Into Political Crisis. As soon as states started adopting widespread vote by mail as their primary voting method for this year’s election, FreedomWorks was quick to identify Pennsylvania as a state that would be made particularly vulnerable by the change.

In response to the political crisis currently unfolding in Pennsylvania, Adam Brandon, FreedomWorks President, commented:

"It’s a powder keg right now, and I worry that as you see those margins shrink, people are going to be losing their faith in the overall integrity of the system … I hate to say this, but I predict a mess … and potentially even the Supreme Court weighing in.”