Iowa CSE Activists Demand: “We Want Less,” As They Storm the Capitol

Des Moines, IA – Proclaiming the CSE mantra, “We Want Less,” close to100 Iowa Citizens for a Sound Economy activists arrived at the Capitol steps to let their representatives know that price controls on prescription drugs is a bad remedy for the Medicare and prescription drug problem.

Iowa CSE activists on the Capitol steps.

Grassroots Education – Prior to storming the Capitol, Iowa CSE conducted an activist training seminar in which attendees were educated on the Medicare and prescription drug debate and the detriments of government mandated prescription drug price-caps. Vice President for Federal and State Affairs Marty Reiser conducted a Medicare and prescription drug presentation, which highlighted the need for real, comprehensive Medicare reform. CSE activists were given packets that contained an educational brochure, talking points on Medicare reform, and information on the dangers of prescription drug price cap legislation.

“Prescription drug price caps, if mandated by the government, will ultimately hurt our seniors by limiting innovation of new life-saving pharmaceutical drugs.” – Marty Reiser

Grassroots Call to Action – Iowa CSE distributed sample letters to the editor and representatives stressing the need for competition and choice to address the prescription drug issue confronting the state legislature. Also, each Iowa CSE activist was supplied with a lobby sheet containing talking points on the detriments of state-mandated prescription drug price caps. Activists distributed the lobby sheet to representatives when they met for one-on-one meetings. Also, by the end of the day, activists collected hundreds of CSE Foundation’s What is Washington Doing to Your Medicare? educational brochure so that they could distribute them to their own grassroots networks.

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