Jack Kemp Condemns Senator Hillary Clinton’s Call for Tax Increase

Yesterday on NBC’s Meet the Press, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton argued that Congress should increase taxes by delaying the tax rate reductions enacted into law this summer, reconfirming her previously stated view that, “If we hadn’t passed the big tax cut last spring . . . we wouldn’t be in the fix we’re in today.”

Empower America co-director Jack Kemp responded:

“Since when do we raise taxes in a recession? This is the most irresponsible idea Senator Clinton has come up with since her attempt to nationalize America’s health care system in 1993. Her call for a tax increase is just one more effort by the Daschle wing of the Democratic Party to obstruct the President’s economic program and blame him for the economic mess that results.

“The good news is that there is an election coming in less than a year. The bad news is that Senator Clinton and Tom Daschle can do a lot of damage in eleven months.”

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