John Cornyn Holding Up Key Trump Nominee

FreedomWorks Vice President of Advocacy Noah Wall released the following statement about the news that Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) is holding up the confirmation of President Donald Trump’s nominee Russell Vought.

“A member of Sen. Mitch McConnell’s ‘leadership team’ is blocking a key nominee of President Donald Trump’s. Sen. John Cornyn is putting his earmarks before the fiscally conservative Trump nominee.

“McConnell should whip Cornyn into line. It’s not like the Senate has had a problem being too productive. They have no big legislative wins this year. We don’t need Cornyn’s antics in mid-October.

“Days are running out to enact conservative solutions that will get America back on track in time to keep Republican majorities in the House and Senate. Big donors, small donors, and grassroots activists need a win on tax reform.”