Joyce Krawiec is the June Minuteman of the Month

June’s Minuteman of the Month is Joyce Krawiec from Kernersville, North Carolina. Joyce has been an active member of CSE in North Carolina for several years, leading the fight for lower taxes, less government, and more freedom in her community and across the state.

Last year, Joyce was the recipient of North Carolina CSE’s Activist of the Year award for all of her hard work, and this year she has furthered her efforts to advance CSE’s Freedom Agenda.

In May, Joyce helped to recruit an entire bus-full of CSE activists to travel on a non-stop, 22 hour, round-trip to Washington, D.C. to attend a special rally with President Bush. Boarding buses as early as 1:00 am, CSE activists were excited to hear the president speak about the importance of his tax-cut package. Thanks to the efforts of leaders like Joyce the event was a huge success for the president’s proposal and for CSE.

At home in North Carolina, Joyce is always busy helping out the staff of North Carolina CSE with a wide variety of grassroots activities. In early July, Joyce helped organize a cook-out in Forsyth County that invited activists to find out where potential candidates for the state’s 5th Congressional Seat stood on issues contained in CSE’s Freedom Agenda. Joyce also recently led a group of more than 70 CSE activists to take over a hearing on the state budget. While many who appeared at the hearing where there to make the case for more government spending in favor of their own special interest, CSE made it known that North Carolina taxpayers just want less!

Joyce Krawiec is an American Patriot and our June Minuteman of the Month – thank you Joyce, and keep up the good work!

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