Ken Cuccinelli Joins FreedomWorks Foundation as General Counsel

FreedomWorks Foundation announced today that Ken Cuccinelli joined the organization in the role of general counsel. Cuccinelli brings a wealth of experience to FreedomWorks Foundation. In addition to his private legal practice, between August 2002 and January 2010, Cuccinelli served as a member of the Virginia Senate. In November 2009, he was elected to serve as the 46th Attorney General of Virginia, a post he held from January 2010 to January 2014. In June 2014, Cuccinelli was named as the president of the Senate Conservatives Fund, a role he will continue to perform while at FreedomWorks Foundation.

“We could not be more thrilled that Ken is joining FreedomWorks. Ken’s belief in constitutional principles is unwavering, his knowledge of law is extensive, and his commitment to freedom is unmatched,” said FreedomWorks Foundation CEO Adam Brandon. “In his role, Ken will lead our new state attorneys general project, a groundbreaking effort through which we will provide grassroots support as states fight regulations forced upon them by unelected federal bureaucrats. He adds muscle to ongoing work to combat the federal regulatory state, which costs Americans an estimated $1.8 trillion annually.”

“With Ken leading this vital project and Stephen Moore working with us to advance pro-growth economic ideas, FreedomWorks will continue educating, training, and mobilizing our community of grassroots conservative activists to fight big government policies that rob Americans of opportunity and prosperity,” Brandon added.

“I’m excited to join FreedomWorks Foundation and look forward to connecting state attorneys general with our organization’s 5.7 million conservative grassroots activists,” said FreedomWorks Foundation General Counsel Ken Cuccinelli. “FreedomWorks has a reputation for taking principled stands on issues and connecting conservative activists with policymakers, holding them accountable when necessary and thanking them when they do the right thing. I look forward to the work we’ll be doing in what is becoming the battleground to fight regulatory overreach.”

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