Legislature Poised to Raise Taxes

Last week, the North Carolina legislature took a major step toward a billion dollar tax increase. The House Finance Committee approved a tax package that will increase sales taxes, income taxes, and other taxes. This bill will raise $467 million in taxes for the state and local governments this year and $759 million next year.

North Carolina Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) Director Jonathan Hill issued the following statement in response to the legislature’s actions:

“Some members of the legislature will violate a promise they made to the taxpayers of North Carolina if they vote for this tax increase Monday night. Sixty-two state legislators signed our tax pledge promising they would vote against tax increases. They should honor their pledge to the voters of North Carolina.

“We are going to stage an all out effort to remind the legislators who signed our pledge that a promise is a promise.

“The people of North Carolina have made it perfectly clear they do not want new taxes.

“Little more than three weeks ago, over one thousand people converged at the legislative building in Raleigh to make their voices heard that a tax increase is not acceptable. This is an issue that North Carolinians care deeply about and I guarantee that if any legislators break their promise, the voters of North Carolina will not forget.”