Media Advisory: Alabama Radio Interview Availability

Alabama Citizens for a Sound Economy (AL CSE) is mobilizing its 7,000 members to fight the largest tax increase in state history. CSE staff and volunteer activists are working in Washington, D.C. and on the ground in Alabama to organize grassroots opposition to the tax increase, which is before voters on September 9th.

The following CSE staff experts and AL CSE volunteer activists are available for talk radio interviews on the specific policy implications of the tax increase referendum, as well the grassroots strategy to defeat it:

Alabama “Vote No Sept 9” Campaign Director

Stephen Flaherty, Washington, DC

Vice President for Campaign Strategy

Marty Reiser, Washington, DC

Citizens for a Sound Economy Alabama Volunteer Leaders

Troy Duel, Birmingham, AL

Elbert Peters, Huntsville, AL

Cleve Pool, Montgomery, AL

Terry Smith, Decatur, AL

Please contact Brenna Hapes at 202-783-3870 or 1-888-564-6273 to schedule an interview.

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