Mitch McConnell Sold Out So Hard, Schumer Agreed

FreedomWorks president Adam Brandon released the following statement:

“Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan, sold out so hard on this budget deal that many Democrats are willing to give up on DACA being included.

“Our activists are not big fans of former Speaker John Boehner, but he was able to get the Budget Control Act passed, one of the few pieces of legislation that made progress in draining the swamp under Obama. And now Republican leadership is blowing the caps meant to restrain spending by a — projected — $296 billion over the coming years. These are not the deficits; those will be much higher. These are how much over the BCA caps leadership wants to go, and that doesn’t include nearly $90 billion in disaster spending.

“Grassroots conservatives are used to getting the status quo from politicians who say they stand for fiscal responsibility, but this is beyond the pale. Republican leadership has broken with the status quo and is taking giant steps toward fiscal insanity.

“The only way this could pass the House is if Paul Ryan relies on Democrats. If they need to rely on Democrats to overwhelm the many Republicans who oppose this deal, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan deserve to be thrown out and so do all Republicans who side with them.

“Remember Paul Ryan promising regular order to stop the last-minute deals that are always so bad?

“Rand Paul, the House Freedom Caucus and those who vote with them are the only ones who seem to understand basic economics and care about the future of our country.

“Republicans can say goodbye to their majorities if this passes the House.”

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