Mitch McConnell: A “Work Horse” for Special Interests

FreedomWorks for America Debunks the Latest Misleading Team Mitch McConnell Ad

Washington, DC- The latest ad released by Team Mitch, the campaign to reelect moderate Republican Senator from Kentucky Mitch McConnell, makes multiple false claims and attempts to sugar coat the Senator’s dismal record in Washington. The ad claims that six-term Senator McConnell “saved 99% of Kentuckians from an Obama income tax increase,” that he “fights for Kentucky miners against Obama’s war on coal,” and that he’s “leading the fight against ObamaCare.”

The statements in the Team Mitch ad could not be further from the truth, and FreedomWorks for America President Matt Kibbe released the following statement to correct the falsehoods throughout the ad:

“This latest McConnell ad is an exercise in revisionist half-truths and downright lies. Not only did Mitch McConnell fail to fight ObamaCare when it counted, he voted to fund it, and now claims he wants to work to fix it. Mitch McConnell brags about tax relief, but fails to mention that he personally negotiated with Vice President Biden to raise taxes on 77 percent of U.S. households. During McConnell’s ‘fight’ to stop Obama’s war on coal, two coal mining companies filed for bankruptcy, coal mining stocks plummeted, and 2,000 Kentucky coal miners lost their jobs in 2013.”

“The only values, future, and jobs that Mitch McConnell fights for are the ones in the offices of K Street and Congress. It’s time to send some new blood to Washington like Matt Bevin, who will put Kentuckians first and take a stand against Obama and the Senate Democrats, not coordinate with them to pass bad legislation.”

FreedomWorks for America has hundreds of volunteers out canvassing neighborhoods and talking to voters across Kentucky leading up to the primary. Over 20,000 yard signs and 150,000 door hangers have been sent to support Matt Bevin. Over 100,000 phone calls have been made to targeted voters across the state to date.

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