National School Choice Week: FreedomWorks Activists Highlight Private Schooling

WASHINGTON, D.C. — To advocate for expanded school choice access and more freedom when it comes to personalizing education, FreedomWorks is featuring activists’ experiences with alternative and nontraditional schooling. On the option of private schools, Laura Zorc, FreedomWorks Senior Advisor of Education Policy Reform and Parent Led Advocacy, commented:

“All children learn differently and not one child is alike. Public schools do not and should not have to meet the needs of every single student in our nation. Regardless of the reason why, if a parent wants to place their child in a private education setting, money allocated for education should follow the student, not stay trapped in the system.

"Simply put, parents, if they choose not to enroll their student in public schools, should be given access to use as they see fit the dollars that would have been spent on their student in public school. Through widespread implementation of mechanisms like school vouchers and tax scholarships, private schooling could become a more accessible and viable option for many students across the country. After all, why should a parent have to pay twice?”

Highlighting Families That Choose to go to Private Schools: