New Hampshire Ad Blitz: “Jeanne Shaheen is a Taxing Machine!”

CSE is spending tens of thousands of dollars in a state-wide campaign to let Granite State voters know Jeanne Shaheen’s terrible record on taxes, which includes past support for:

The creation of state sales and income taxes

“Last year, Shaheen proposed a 2.5 percent sales tax that would have lowered the statewide property tax but increased some business taxes. After the sales tax failed, she agreed to sign an income tax, which failed as well.” “Shaheen May Leave Fighting to Rivals,” -The Concord Monitor, 2/10/02

The state death tax

“I want to take this opportunity to urge you to revise…as opposed to repealing it,” Shaheen wrote to House Ways and Means Chair Bill Thomas. “New Hampshire has many small business owners… who need some estate tax relief. But that does not require the entire tax (FET) to be abolished.”

Text of Thirty Second Radio Ad for New Hampshire:

Music fade in, Announcer:

“Jeanne Shaheen is a Taxing Machine!

As Governor she raised your taxes.

She has also supported a state sales tax, a state income tax, and the death tax.

Jeanne Shaheen likes to spend your money.

She is a Taxing Machine.

We need to protect New Hampshire’s Low Tax Advantage.

Remember–Jeanne Shaheen is a Taxing Machine!

Paid for by Citizens for a Sound Economy.”

To hear the ad: Click Here