North Carolina FreedomWorks/CSE Holds Holiday Meetings in Mitchell County

On December 8, 2004 North Carolina FreedomWorks/CSE held the Mitchell Co. Chapter meeting. Over 50 members attended, enjoying Christmas cheer and making plans to promote the Freedom Agenda in 2004.

Meanwhile, in Balersville, NC, all 5 County Commissioners are FreedomWorks/CSE members– 2 elected this election joined 3 current Commissioners. Additionally, the Clerk of Court was re-elected in 2002 and is also a member, and all of the county’s legislative delegation to Raleigh are members. What’s more, even the area’s Congressman and both U.S. Senators have all signed the pledge in support of the Freedom Agenda! Great work guys.

County Commissioner Keith Masters and Jim Saylor, also Carol Masters and Margaret Wilson

Roger Wilson Chapter Chairman and Ted McKinney Clerk of Court