ObamaCare Has Been a Policy Failure

Ahead of the November 1 launch of the 2017 open enrollment period for ObamaCare, FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon commented:

“The Congressional Budget Office once projected that 24 million people would enroll in health plans available through the ObamaCare exchanges in 2016. That projection has gone up in smoke. The disastrous rollout of the exchanges, coupled with the cost health plans and the narrow physician networks, led to much lower enrollment figures. The administration even revised down enrollment estimates by 30 percent and had the audacity to take a victory lap after it had moved the goalposts to claim success.”

“The truth is ObamaCare has been a policy failure. As premiums rise, more and more people are waking up to the harsh realities and sticker shock of extreme government intervention in the health care system. Before its toxic tendrils spread any further, before it sends our health care system into a death spiral, ObamaCare needs to be cut out and replaced with a sensible patient-centered model.”

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