Obama’s Out-of-Control Spending Turning American Dream Into a Nightmare for Future Generations

Following the statement from the White House Friday that the federal budget deficit is expected to increase by $162 billion in 2016, FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon commented:

“While the new federal budget deficit estimate is $16 billion lower than was projected back in February, a budget deficit of $600 billion is nothing to applaud. It’s an embarrassment. Only this White House could herald a mathematical error as a success. This is just how out of touch President Obama is with the American people.”

“We’re at the end of an eight-year Obama presidency, and this president is continuing the false narrative that government can continue to spend and spend without any consequences. We have to remember that bloated federal deficits are stealing younger generations’ futures. We shouldn’t deprive our children of experiencing the American dream. But if this kind of out-of control government spending continues, the American dream will quickly turn into a nightmare for America’s youth.”

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