Paul Beckner’s Letter to President George W. Bush

February 22, 2001

President George W. Bush

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Mr. President:

Citizens for a Sound Economy enthusiastically supports the $1.6 trillion tax cut package that you have put forth. We share the belief that with our economy slowing down and projected federal budget surpluses continuing to grow, this is the perfect opportunity for a tax cut for every taxpayer. It has been over a generation since Americans have received significant tax relief. The time is now.

CSE’s grassroots base of over 280,000 activists is excited about your tax cut package and has been working diligently to rally public support. Recently, in Washington state, over 250 activists rallied on the Capitol in support of a resolution before the state legislature calling on Washington’s Congressional delegation to vote in favor of your proposal. In the coming weeks, we will be turning out our activists to support similar legislation in many other states such as Iowa, North Carolina, Florida, New Hampshire, Texas and Oregon.

Citizens for a Sound Economy has taken a steadfast position that tax cuts, especially reductions in marginal rates, are the best way to create economic growth and prosperity. Any successful tax package must include the core requirements of eliminating the death tax, providing marriage penalty relief and across the board marginal rate reductions. Since President Reagan signed his tax cut into law in 1981, there have been five major tax increases. The most recent being President Clinton’s 1993 tax increase, which was the largest in American history. With your leadership we are confident this trend will be reversed and the American people will receive the tax relief they need.

Thank you for this opportunity to help your administration shape our nation’s fiscal policy. I look forward to working with you in guaranteeing that every American receives the tax relief they so richly deserve. We stand ready to assist in any way possible.


Paul Beckner

President and CEO