Personal Injury Trial Lawyers Misleading Texas Voters: Round I

Witnesses may be asked “tell the truth and nothing but the truth” but trial lawyers don’t appear to know how to tell the truth. Remember that trial lawyer who had been inhaling too much ambulance exhaust? Well, here they go again! Personal injury lawyers and their front-groups stepped up their campaign at a news conference last week, in an attempt to mislead the voters and change the subject away from health care. These groups tried to make the connection that Proposition 12 will prevent crime victims from suing businesses on premise liability grounds. Lies, lies, lies!

Proposition 12 only limits non-economic damages in health care liability lawsuits. Future legislatures would need a three-fifths super majority to pass limits on non-economic damages in business lawsuits.

This is only the beginning. We know there will be additional attempts by personal injury trial lawyers and their front-groups to distort the facts and deceive Texas voters. Stay ever vigilant: Proposition 12 is about providing affordable and accessible health care and keeping family doctors practicing medicine!