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Polling Indicates Americans Support Reforms to Curtail Federal Regulatory Power

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Recent polling by Scott Rasmussen has indicated that Americans are supportive of proposals to curtail the administrative state and federal regulatory power over the lives of individual Americans.

The federal administrative state extends far beyond regulations that ensure clean air and water. In fact, regulations impact nearly every facet of American public life, whether it be in the workplace or at home. In the past two years in particular, Americans have seen their constitutional liberties increasingly violated by the federal government, vis-a-vis the nebulous web of bureaucratic agencies. It should come as no surprise that Americans support real reform that cuts down on regulatory power and restores constitutional liberty.

The highlights of the polling are as follows:

56 percent of registered voters favor a proposal that would require Congress to approve any major regulations before they can take effect.

67 percent of registered voters believe Americans should have the right to a trial by jury before a federal agency can penalize them for violating agency regulations.

74 percent of registered voters favor a proposal that would require federal agencies to reveal any evidence they possess that might help people contest the agency’s decisions, after hearing that these agencies generally do not have to disclose this evidence under current law.

63 percent of registered voters believe an individual accused of violating a law or regulation by a federal agency should be considered innocent until proven guilty.

81 percent of registered voters believe federal agencies should be required to provide individuals with an opportunity to respond before imposing fines and other penalties.