President Donald Trump’s First 100 Days

While the first 100 days is fairly arbitrary time of reckoning for a new president, FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon commented on the Trump administration’s progress to this point:

“When you don’t elect a career swamp politician to be president, he might take a little time to get his bearings. I think that’s what we’ve seen with President Trump; it is perfectly understandable.

That has not kept him from pressing forward on keeping his campaign promises.

One of the biggest concerns for many of our activists was the future of the Supreme Court. President Trump nominated a fantastic constitutionalist to fill the vacancy, and he saw it through to Justice Gorsuch’s confirmation. That’s a huge win for the grassroots who held out for a nominee who resembled Justice Antonin Scalia.

“President Trump also nominated HHS Secretary Tom Price, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, and OMB Director Mick Mulvaney. FreedomWorks supported all three because we believe they are good fits for rolling back ObamaCare administratively, reforming the EPA to work responsibly to protect our environment, and crafting a sustainable budget.

“He has signed into law or taken other executive action to roll back the regulatory state that needlessly burdens businesses of all sizes. Through the Congressional Review Act, several regulations from the last minutes of President Obama’s presidency have been overturned, and President Trump has signed in safeguards like requiring agencies to eliminate two regulations for every one enacted.

“This is just the first 100 days, and it looks like the second 100 days will be even bigger and better.”