President Trump Has More Promises To Fulfill

FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon commented on President Trump’s joint address to Congress:

“President Trump made good on some of his promises within the first 40 days. His nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch was a fantastic choice. Having Mick Mulvaney, Tom Price, and Scott Pruitt at OMB, HHS, and the EPA are huge wins for those of us who believe in limited constitutional government and individual liberty.

“There are still a few outstanding major promises. FreedomWorks is shining spotlights on three of them. Republicans must uphold their promises they’ve been making for the better part of a decade to repeal — not repair — ObamaCare and pass patient-centered, free-market reforms. I’m glad to hear the president say he wants to end the imploding Obamacare disaster. This promise needs to be kept soon, or it will never happen.

“President Trump and Republicans in the House and Senate must continue to roll back costly, duplicative regulations that make it hard to start and run a business. Their cost to the economy is nearly $1.9 trillion. Smarter regulations that consider the costs to businesses and families should take their place.

“It is also hugely important that we push conservative tax reforms that dramatically reduce the size of the tax code, simplify it, broaden the tax base, and lower tax rates. Conservatives’ dream of filing taxes on a postcard is a real possibility for the first time in many years.”