Private Childcare Providers Launch “No Universal Pre-K” Petition Drive

  A group of home-based childcare providers has launched an on-line petition drive in opposition to taxpayer-funded, public school pre-k in Vermont. It is a very a big deal for these women to stand up against some powerful special interest forces in Montpelier to protect their businesses along with the kids and families they serve. They need and deserve our support

Please take a moment to sign their “Stop the Public School Takeover of Pre-K” online petition at

At a time when property taxes are out of control, expanding the public school system by two years at taxpayers' expense is totally out of touch with reality. By signing this petition, you will send this message loud and clear to the Early Ed Study Committee BEFORE they make their recommendation to the full legislature. If we stand together and support each other, we can win this fight. Please pass this along to others on your email list. 

Thanks, as always, for making a difference.



Rob Roper

State Director, FreedomWorks-Vermont


PS. The Early Ed Study Committee will be hosting a debate on Universal Pre-K on October 27, 10am – Noon, at the State House in Montpelier.