Save Our Country Coalition Launches Five-Figure Online Ad Campaign Calling For Payroll Tax Holiday, Liability Shield, No Blue State Bailouts

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Save our Country Coalition today announces the launch of a new three part ad campaign that lays out what any phase IV Coronavirus relief package must include, namely a payroll tax holiday for America’s workers (not more unemployment benefits), liability shields for businesses, as well as no further bailouts for Blue cities and states.

Steve Moore, Co-Founder of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, commented:

“The best way to help the 20 million unemployed Americans is to get them a job. Congress needs to start rewarding work, and stop incentivizing unemployment and government dependency. A payroll tax cut will create millions of new jobs.

“We also have to stop paying five of every six Americans more money for staying unemployed than for getting safely back on the job. It isn’t fair to the heroes of our economy – the nurses, police, sanitation workers, and construction workers – that they make less than those on unemployment.”

Adam Brandon, FreedomWorks President, commented:

“Without strong economic growth, we will never be able to emerge from the have wrought by the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s essential that we give businesses, their employees and first responders the support they deserve. This includes a payroll tax cut and an increased liability shield.

“However, it is in no way the taxpayer’s job to bailout fiscally irresponsible blue states after months of deficit busting relief packages. Congressional Republicans and the White House must hold the line on any future bailout spending.”

The five-figure ad campaign will run on a variety of online streaming platforms, and target Republicans and Independents nationwide with a focus on the D.C. area. Two of the ads can be found below.

Video one

Video two