South Carolina Senate Fact #12: Tenenbaum Would Spend Twice As Much

Candidate for South Carolina’s open U.S. Senate seat Inez Tenenbaum called “for an end to the overspending in Washington.” While she may tell the public she’s against runaway spending, an analysis of her policy proposals shows that she would increase spending by more than twice as much than her opponent Jim DeMint, according to a study by the National Taxpayers’ Union.

According to NTU, Tenenbaum offers 31 different proposals that would increase spending by $33.83 billion. Representative Jim DeMint, on the other hand, has only proposed $12.85 billion in new spending.

What’s more, DeMint’s spending number includes the “cost” of reforming Social Security through Personal Retirement Accounts (PRAs) that workers own and control. The truth is that Social Security already represents a massive unfunded liability—this measure will actually save money by avoiding the retirement security disaster.

The most important thing: more spending will always mean higher taxes or more debt (higher taxes for future generations). Tenenbaum criticizes DeMint for trying to raise taxes, but she’s wrong—and she would ultimately stick taxpayers with the bill for her expansive government programs.

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