South Carolina Senate Fact #7: Jim DeMint Has a Strong Pro-Growth Record

South Carolina U.S. Senate candidate Representative Jim DeMint has a strong record on the economy. DeMint scored a 91 percent on the FreedomWorks 2003 Economic Scorecard for his votes in the first session of the 108th Congress.

This score puts him in contention for the Jefferson Award at the end of the 108th Congress. The Jefferson Award recognizes representatives who consistently vote for economic freedom. In fact, Representative DeMint’s record has been excellent throughout his entire congressional career– he received the Jefferson Award for both of his previous terms in Congress.

In 2003, DeMint backed a number of critical measures, including President Bush’s economic growth package, the permanent elimination of the death tax, and the 2003 tort reform bill.

DeMint’s opponent Inez Tenenbaum is trying to distort his record and claim that he will raise taxes. The truth: Jim DeMint has never voted for a tax hike in Congress, but Tenenbaum has supported the largest tax increase in South Carolina state history.

When it comes to economic freedom, Representative Jim DeMint can stand on his record.

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