Statement on the Executive Order on the Clean Power Plan

FreedomWorks Foundation director of the Regulatory Action Center, Ken Cuccinelli, released the following statement on President Donald Trump’s executive order on President Obama’s Clean Power Plan rules:

“With today’s action from President Donald Trump, he has tackled one of the most egregious and illegal acts of President Barack Obama’s administrative state. The so-called ‘Clean Power Plan’ would have coerced states to establish cap and trade programs, shuttered functioning power plants, reduced energy consumption, and forced the purchase of energy from more expensive and less reliable sources, all while intentionally driving up the cost of electricity – even for the poorest Americans.

“This is another positive step toward a pro-growth economy rather than a lower-emissions-at-all-costs administrative state. Cost to the energy sector from these rules has been estimated at between $29 billion and $39 billion per year over the next decade.

“FreedomWorks Foundation knows that economic costs of regulations are not ultimately absorbed by energy companies – customers pay those costs as prices rise.

“Beginning the process of undoing this unconstitutional set of rules that went against the clear intent of Congress is a win for the rule of law and the American people. I hope President Trump will continue constitutionally reining in the regulatory state as he is able."