Stop the Attacks: Hundreds of Mississippi Activists Sign an Open Letter to Haley Barbour

Over 500 local activists tell Barbour: “We know where Pascagoula is- we live and work there, not in a DC lobbying firm.”

Washington, DC- Over 500 grassroots activists in Mississippi signed an open letter to Haley Barbour, telling him to back off the attacks on Chris McDaniel supporters. In a recent interview, Barbour said “Club for Growth or FreedomWorks, the groups that spent the vast majority to attack Cochran, those guys couldn’t care less about Mississippi.”

The letter reads:

Dear Governor Barbour,

In a recent interview regarding the heated Mississippi Senate primary, you made the following accusation: “Club for Growth or FreedomWorks, the groups that spent the vast majority to attack Cochran, those guys couldn’t care less about Mississippi,” you said, adding, “They wouldn’t know Pascagoula from Pontotoc.”

Well, Governor, we do know where Pascagoula is—we live and work there, not in a Washington, DC lobbying firm—and we do care about Mississippi. We care enough to knock on 100,000 doors, to distribute 40,000 yard signs, and to hold over 100 grassroots events in support of a true fiscal conservative, Chris McDaniel.

We care enough to stop the inertia of Thad Cochran, a 41-year incumbent who has voted to fund ObamaCare, for corporate welfare bailouts, and to tax the internet.

We care that Cochran opted against visiting his home state to travel the world on the taxpayer’s dime instead.

We care that his 19 debt ceiling votes brought home over $10 trillion in debt for Mississippi families, all to be passed on to our children and grandchildren.

We care enough to turnout on June 24 and oppose a status quo that has left our economy stalled and our health care system taken over by an inept federal government. We care enough to demand principled leadership.

We know you have a stake in the game. We know the Cochran campaign headquarters is already stacked with former Barbour campaign and administration staff, including the pollster, TV ad maker, and finance chairman.

But we believe it’s time for a new generation of representation that cares about families and small businesses in Mississippi, and Chris McDaniel is the principled leader who can get it done.

The Undersigned

FreedomWorks for America has pledged to help activists double down on their efforts to support Chris McDaniel in the weeks leading up to the runoff, announcing a statewide tour to distribute an additional 20,000 lawn signs and 40,000 door hangers.

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