STRAW POLL RESULTS: FreedomWorks Hosts Arizona U.S. Senate Candidate Forum

PHOENIX, AZ — FreedomWorks is proud to have hosted a successful U.S. Senate candidate forum in Phoenix, Arizona last night, featuring all the top candidates running in the Republican primary: Mark Brnovich, Jim Lamon, Blake Masters, Mick McGuire, and Justin Olson. Over 1,100 grassroots conservatives attended.

Adam Brandon, FreedomWorks President, commented:

“Grassroots energy–that’s what we saw last night in Phoenix. For the first time this primary season, voters had the unparalleled opportunity to see the top five Republican candidates in one place. Of these five candidates, one of them is going to unseat Mark Kelly and become the next U.S. senator from Arizona. Based on what we heard from the crowd, this was an excellent opportunity to get everyone on the record. Clearly, the grassroots plan to hold the next U.S. senator from Arizona accountable in Washington.”

On the question of who should be the next U.S. senator from Arizona, results of our straw poll, which garnered 893 respondents, are as follows:


  • Mark Brnovich – 16 percent
  • Jim Lamon – 27 percent
  • Blake Masters – 36 percent
  • Mick McGuire – 19 percent
  • Justin Olson – 2 percent


  • Mark Brnovich – 15 percent
  • Jim Lamon – 26 percent
  • Blake Masters – 33 percent
  • Mick McGuire – 16 percent
  • Justin Olson – 10 percent

Noah Wall, FreedomWorks Executive Vice President, commented:

“Winning back the majority in the U.S. Senate is essential to counteracting the terrible damage that the Biden administration and Democrats have done to our great nation in less than a two year span. With life in America becoming increasingly unaffordable, illegal immigration wreaking havoc on our border communities, and crime running rampant in cities across the country, the need for a fierce, authentic conservative majority is critical. We hope that whichever candidate ends up in the Senate come 2023, they will be the fighter that Arizonans and the rest of this country can count on.”

“FreedomWorks is incredibly proud to have put on this event, and thankful for all the candidates who participated. We are especially grateful to our attendees–more than 1,100 in total–who came out to hear about each candidate’s vision for the future of Arizona and our country.”