Our national security depends on reliable sources of energy. The House has acted responsibly to help protect our national security and reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil. Now Senator Daschle and the Senate must follow suit and pass a comprehensive energy plan that allows environmentally sensitive exploration in ANWR.

America has long had a self-imposed over-reliance on foreign sources of energy. Over 57 percent of our oil is imported. We have long needed a new approach to energy policy that recognizes the need to find new domestic sources of energy. Given the current international situation, America’s energy security must be a national priority. The House of Representatives and the President have worked together to craft legislation that would help America better meet its own energy needs. In this time of uncertainty, the Senate should join in restoring America’s energy security and independence by passing the bi-partisan Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE) Act of 2001. Unfortunately, Senator Daschle has been holding the Senate floor hostage and has prohibited the consideration of an energy bill. These stalling tactics must stop.

Call to Action:

We need CSE members to write, email, or call their Senators asking them to support the President’s plan to restore energy security and oppose any price caps or new regulations. The Senate needs to follow the House of Representatives’ lead and pass the SAFE act.


Get Daschle to Bring Energy Plan to the Senate Floor

Daschle has continued to stonewall the energy bill despite overwhelming support from a majority of the Senate. He must be reminded that he can’t play politics with American security.

Open ANWR and Other Areas to Energy Production

America has abundant and diverse energy sources. We should be allowed to take advantage of them in an environmentally sensitive manner.

National values check

Today, the United States imports nearly 60 percent of its crude oil — the highest level in history. This reliance on foreign sources of energy not only exports environmental damage to other countries, but also gives foreign governments undue influence over America’s economy.


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