Support the Shadegg Healthcare Reform Bill

December 11, 2007
Members of the 110th Congress
First Session, 2007

Dear Legislator:

On behalf of the more than 830,000 members of FreedomWorks from all over the
country, I urge you to support the “Health Care Choice Act,” introduced by Rep. John
Shadegg (R, AZ-3) to allow consumers to purchase health insurance across state lines.
The fact is that most Americans have health insurance. But there is a segment of
the population without health insurance. Some of these people choose not to have
insurance, because they are young and healthy, while others truly can’t afford health
insurance due to the market distortions caused by government meddling in the industry.

FreedomWorks supports putting the patient in control of health care, which means
getting government out from in between the patient and his or her doctor. Anti-market
advocates, on the other hand, are promising more expansive programs and higher
taxes to increase the role of government in health care.

We reject socialized medicine, and government expansion of programs like SCHIP. We favor allowing people to be free to choose whether they have health insurance, and if so, on their own terms from providers of their own choice. They should be free to purchase health insurance across state lines, for example, and should not have to see prices continue to skyrocket because of the market distortions caused by costly government mandates.

I again urge you to support Rep. John Shadegg’s Health Care Choice Act and
take a significant step towards removing government roadblocks between patients and
their doctors.


Matt Kibbe

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