Tax Reform: On to President Trump’s Desk

FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon released this statement following the final passage of the tax reform bill in the House:

“The Democrats’ inventive stonewalling of tax relief and simplification for Americans has finally come to an end. Tax reform has come. This simplification of the tax code and the dramatic reduction of complex and manipulative rules in the tax code will benefit individuals, businesses, and our economy. And it should prod high-tax states toward more conservative tax codes.

“This tax bill will lead to even greater economic growth than we have seen under in the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency. It could lead to the highest rate of growth we have seen in almost 20 years. With higher take home pay, those who will benefit the most are the people and families with low and middle incomes, with a doubling of the standard deduction, effectively doubling the 0% tax bracket. It will be a huge boost to those trying to make ends meet.

“While FreedomWorks activists are often left exasperated by the leadership in the House and Senate, this victory deserves their appreciation. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have worked hard on this effort and have been influential in getting this improvement to the tax code across the finish line. Chairman Kevin Brady has also played a major role in guiding this bill through the process — and getting it done this year, which was important.

“I look forward to seeing President Trump sign this bill into law."