Tax Update from Iowa

Iowa CSE will travel close to 10,000 miles this week and attend over 120 candidate events. Every where we have gone, the candidates have heard our message, been asked about their tax plans. Most importantly, they have seen real grassroots support for scrapping the code.

January 20, Indianola: George W. Bush walked through the street and was greeted by 12 CSE staffers. Our signs included, “Scrap the Code”, “America wants a tax cut”, “Keep my money out of Washington” and “No Gore Taxes.” CSE thanked Governor Bush for his tax proposal and he said, “We’re going to keep working on it.”

January 20, Pella: Governor George Bush was greeted by dozens of college students wearing CSE’s “Tax Cuts A Homerun for America” tee shirts. Bush told the whole crowd, “It is conservative to cut taxes. It is compassionate to cut taxes …. We need to do something about this code because it isn’t fair to working people.”