Texas CSE Lone Star Activists Aim to Shoot Down Proposed Prescription Drug Price-Caps

“CSE is the only group that organizes its members and fights for issues.”

– CSE Day Attendee Grace Germany

Austin, TX – Taking place on the heals of CSE Days at the Capitol in Washington, Iowa and Florida, Texas Citizens for a Sound Economy (TX CSE) flexed its grassroots power by conducting its bi-annual CSE Day at the Capitol in Austin. Over 100 activists convened at the Capitol for a two-day event filled with activist training seminars, presentations, hearings, and most importantly, lobby visits with legislators. TX CSE activists met with their elected officials to discuss a number of important public policy issues ranging from proposed prescription drug price controls to tax cuts and other core CSE issues.

Grassroots Education – Prior to one-on-one activist and legislator visits, activists were engaged in training seminars, one of which gave an overview of the detriments of prescription drug price controls and current prescription drug price-caps bills proposed in the Texas legislature. CSE Executive Vice President, Matt Kibbe discussed how proposed prescription drug price-cap bills would ultimately hinder innovation of new life saving drugs and harm America’s seniors.

“Prescription drug price controls fail to meet the needs of our seniors. In order to help our seniors afford new life saving medications, we need real Medicare and prescription drug reform, starting with an injection of more choice and competition into the health care system.” – Matt Kibbe

Armed with ammunition such as talking points and letters to legislators on Medicare and prescription drug price-caps, and CSE’s grassroots brochure “What is Washington Doing To Your Medicare?” CSE activists stormed the Capitol to lobby legislators on pending price-cap bills in the legislature such as HB 1094, HB 1231, and HB 2231. TX CSE activists conducted over 45 legislator visits during the two-day event.

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