The People Speak Again: Washington CSE Conducts Second Annual CSE Day at the Capitol

“Several hundred people, most members of a conservative group called Washington Citizens for a Sound Economy, buttonholed their legislators Monday with a plea for smaller, cheaper, less restrictive state government.” – Associated Press

Olympia, WA – On February 19th, over 250 Washington CSE activists converged in Olympia for the Second Annual Washington CSE Day at the Capitol. Following the mantra of “We Want Less,” Washington CSE grassroots activists encouraged legislators to refrain from enacting government controls on prescription drugs and to support tax cuts and less government regulation.

Clyde Ballard, Co-Speaker of the House of Representatives, addresses 250 Washington CSE activists as they gather in the Capitol Rotunda.

“I thought it was great that CSE members were able to make their voices heard.” — Agnes Balog

Activists were educated on a number of core CSE issues including Medicare and prescription drugs. CSE activists were given packets that contained an educational brochure and talking points on the Medicare and prescription drug debate and information on the detriments of government-controlled prescription drugs. A call to action was given to activists in the form of sample letters to the editor and representatives stressing the need for competition and choice to address the prescription drug issue confronting the state legislature. Each WA CSE activist was also supplied with a lobby sheet containing talking points on the detriments of state-mandated prescription drug price-caps. This lobby sheet was given to representatives during activist and representative one-on-one meetings. Over 400 activist and legislator meetings were conducted throughout the day.