These Tariffs Do Not Put America First

FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon pointed out three reasons the Trump administration’s plans to finalize tariffs on steel and aluminum will not put America first:

“We would love to work with President Trump on trade policies that would benefit the American consumer. Unfortunately, tariffs do not accomplish his stated objective.

“Tariffs on foreign products increase prices for American consumers. Consumers pay taxes through these higher prices, not businesses or countries.

“Tariffs harm foreign economies, making their products less competitive. The European Union is planning retaliatory tariffs of their own against us, which will harm their citizens and our economy. Tariffs are a lose-lose economic strategy.

“Allowing exemptions to well-connected, big companies and industries will only increase the amount of money spent on lobbying politicians in Washington. It will only grow the swamp.

“President Trump’s historic tax reform success does not deserve to be squandered in a trade war. We encourage President Trump to focus on policies that benefit American consumers.”