Thom Tillis Calls ObamaCare an Unaffordable but “Great Idea”

Thom Tillis effectively endorsed pieces of ObamaCare in a recent radio interview with the Bill Lumaye Show, describing the President’s mandated insurance coverage as a “great idea that can’t be paid for.” Tillis prefaced his comment by saying he thinks “the majority of the stuff that is in Obamacare is bad, because it’s not fiscally sustainable.”

Russ Walker, National Political Director of FreedomWorks for America commented in response:

“Thom Tillis is dead wrong on ObamaCare. When the government mandates citizens to purchase any private good or product, it is always wrong. Period. Greg Brannon is a real leader who will fight ObamaCare consistently at every turn, because he understands that it’s not just about the money- ObamaCare is a threat to the individual rights of American citizens.”

Tillis has held a questionable record on ObamaCare from day one, advocating for the ObamaCare exchanges before he was against them.

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