Thousands Rally in Birmingham Against Alabama Tax Hike

Around 2,500 Alabamians cheered and shouted “Vote No” at a huge rally in Birmingham on Saturday. Citizens for a Sound Economy helped organize the event and distributed 3,000 “Vote No Sept. 9” yard signs to eager volunteers. CSE also used the event to sign-up volunteers for the CSE get-out-the-vote machine, gearing up to maximize turnout on Sept. 9.

Speakers at the “Alabama Tea Party” included Birmingham talk radio personality Dr. Russ Fine, who declared, “A sleeping giant has obviously awakened with a roar…We’re looking them in the eye and letting them know, with absolutely no measure of uncertainty, that we are mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.”

After the rally on Saturday, CSE Alabama Campaign Director Stephen made the following comment:

”This event was huge and overflowing. The fire marshal would not let anyone else in after the first 1,500 people, so another 1,000 or so gathered outside the hotel. It was electric. The more Alabama hears about the largest tax increase in state history, the more they want to work to oppose it. We’re recruiting hundreds and hundreds of volunteers who are willing to walk precincts and make calls to other voters. The “Vote No” momentum is clearly building, and the grassroots are fired up!”

On Monday morning, August 11, Flaherty also appeared on the Russ and Dee in the Morning radio show to talk more about the event and CSE’s get-out-the-vote effort across Alabama. The show was broadcast live on 101.1 FM The Source.