Top FreedomWorks Activists Issue Statements of Support for Steve Moore for Federal Reserve Board

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In response to the recent personal attacks on Steve Moore, FreedomWorks Senior Economic Contributor,

Carol Davis of Illinois, Chair of the FreedomWorks Activists Advisory Council, commented:

“This is an orchestrated attack on Steve Moore by leftist groups who don’t want to discuss what he would do on the Federal Reserve. The nature of these attacks on Steve as well as who is behind them show us exactly why he should be confirmed.”

FreedomWorks Activist, Miriam Chu of North Carolina, commented:

“As a FreedomWorks activist, I have had the privilege of interacting with Steve Moore at numerous grassroots events across the country. Steve Moore is an honest, hard-working individual who cares deeply for his family and his country.”

FreedomWorks Activist, Ronda Vuillemont-Smith of Oklahoma, commented:

“The recent and unnecessary attacks on Moore’s character are indicative of how far his opponents will go to derail such a supremely qualified candidate. I fully support Moore’s candidacy for the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.”

FreedomWorks Activist, Vera Anderson of Arizona, commented:

“At every event I have been to with Steve, he’s shown himself to be an upstanding citizen who will go above and beyond to connect with the activists. He cares about us and he deserves our support.”

FreedomWorks Activist, Judy Kunbia of Virginia, commented:

“When President Trump chose Steve Moore last month, I knew he made the right choice. The lengths that Democrats and the media have gone to to attack his character are despicable.”