Turn Up the Heat in August: Help Defeat ObamaCare and Cap-and-Trade

It may be true that August is just a month, but it’s also true that the longer we have to expose the real intentions and the economic ramifications of the Cap and Tax and health care reform legislation on the table, the more afraid Ms. Pelosi, Senator Reid, and President Obama should be.

As it stands, Cap and Trade must still pass the Senate and health care legislation is waiting in the wings in both the House and Senate. It is essential that we don’t let the pressure up. While Senators and Representatives are home for their August recess they need to hear from you, regardless of party. Follow the steps below to help us halt these bills.

1. Download the August Recess Action Kit. Use the talking points and questions to pin down where legislators stand on these important issues. Share invitations with your friends to join you at town hall meetings.

2. Find a town hall meeting near you.

If your representative or senator isn’t holding one – ask them why.

3. Read, print and share these other resources.

4. Trying to contact your legislators? Click here to find Representatives. And here to find Senators.

5. Remember to send photos and videos to Nan Swift, our campaign coordinator.

6. Use the form below to tell us how your phone call, visit, or town hall meeting went . Where do our leaders stand on Cap and Trade and health care reform?