Tying Welfare Reform to Tax Reform

FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon made the following statement about the Freedom Caucus’ plan to tie reform of food stamps and TANF to tax reform:

“The Freedom Caucus and a handful of like-minded members of the House and Senate seem to be the only ones who understand that our debt is a problem, our federal spending is out of control, and both harm our economic growth and our position in the world.

“Next week is FreedomWorks’ Welfare Reform Week, and what a better way to get ready than to talk about reforming the welfare system. Our activists want to address the key drivers of federal debt, and it is possible to do that in ways that most honest people can get behind. Do Democrats support welfare going to dead people? We can do better.

“The Freedom Caucus has shown it can be a powerful group with real legislative impact. House leadership should ensure that this group and like-minded are kept in the loop in talks about fundamental tax reform. The American people need them to be part of the discussion so we can get to three and four percent economic growth again.”