“Unimpressive” – Corporations’ Day of Action Government Regulation of Internet

FreedomWorks Foundation’s program manager, Patrick Hedger, released the following statement on the day of action to support President Barack Obama’s administration’s increased 2015 regulation of the Internet:

"The response, largely from companies greatly benefiting from so-called net neutrality, was unimpressive. The fundamental problem with their message is that it is laughable.

“The average user’s Internet experience today is no different than in 2014. The Internet began and flourished to more than 3 billion users, with open access to everyone in the United States. The censorship that fear mongers push was not happening. Net neutrality is a solution without a problem.

“It is of course those who hog the Internet bandwidth who are pushing for lower prices for themselves. A free market will deliver many options catering to consumers’ desires. That’s why we launched UnlockTheNet.com with other free market organizations last week."

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