Upcoming TNRCC Meeting

The Texas Natural Resources and Conservation Commission has scheduled a hearing for January 18, 2002, at their headquarters in Austin to discuss the petition presented to the TRNCC during the Presidential election to impose the CO2 reductions outlined in the Kyoto Protocol treaty on the residents of Texas.

These measures would impose a gas tax on Texas consumers and would be costly both to consumers and to the Texas economy.

If you are interested in testifying or getting more information, contact us at: cjones@cse.org and we’ll get back to you after January first.

Re: News alert regarding new National Academy of Sciences report on global climate

The following is another in a series of “chicken little” news articles which we need help in putting into perspective. Note several holes in the story.

They leave the reader to surmise that what happened 12,000 years ago and again in the 1920’s had nothing to do with human activity. They also fail to give the timeline for “The most drastic temperature changes — believed to be as much as 18 degrees Fahrenheit over the space of just a few years — exceed any recorded in human history…”

They also mention Bush’s opposition to Kyoto but fail to mention that it is a treaty which has failed to gain even Democrat’s approval in the Senate.

We need to combat this type of irresponsible media – failure to quote scientists who put it into perspective: man is not causing climate change – global climate change has happened before man began use of fossil fuel and there is no evidence that suggests man’s activities are impacting global climate.

In the light of the radical environmentalists’ petition to impose the costly global warming treaty on the consumers of Texas, it is important that we provide a common-sense approach to addressing these scare-tactics.

We have a letter to the editor we recommend you may want to use if you see the article run in your local media: click here for the letter to the editor. Remember: government goes to those who show up – your silence signals approval or acquiescence. Let’s put a voice to the “silent majority” who know the sometimes militant and radical environmentalists are seeking control of our lives, not environmental improvements.