Urgent Update on Healthcare Reform

I know that you, like us, have been watching the healthcare debate very closely.  If you haven’t already heard, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will be unveiling his $900 billion healthcare plan at the Capitol today, at noon, and plans to bring it to the floor of the Senate over the next several days. 

FreedomWorks feels these Senators: Landreiu, Ben Nelson, Warner, Lieberman, and Lincoln will ultimately decide the final outcome of the health care debate.  They need to hear from you TODAY!  Ask for a “No” vote on the Motion to Proceed.  History shows that a vote to invoke cloture and proceed to a bill, is a vote to pass that bill, and in this case, a vote for cloture means a vote in favor of government run healthcare.

Although Senator Reid has kept his secret bill hidden for weeks, the committee drafts from which he was working are flawed beyond repair with their individual mandate, job-destroying tax hikes on middle class families and businesses, provisions that lead to higher insurance premiums.  The bill also contains shocking budget manipulation to hide the deficit increase this legislation will cause, massive new entitlement spending, government-run health plan, and nothing to reduce skyrocketing healthcare costs.

We all understand what is at stake: to pay for this colossal reform bill, this legislation saddles hundreds of billions of dollars in crippling new taxes upon the American people and includes major cuts in Medicare for seniors.  Worse still, the bill undoubtedly includes a federal mandate on health insurance and starts us down the road to full-blown socialized medicine.

Under such a mandate, all citizens will be forced—at times against their will—to purchase insurance. Granting Congress the authority to mandate the purchase of any product abandons all limitations placed upon federal power. A mandate on insurance will fundamentally change our great nation. America will cease to be a country made up of free people who choose their own destiny and will become a country in which the government controls the destiny of individuals.

Here are three important ways that you can help stop this legislation:

  1. Call these Senators and urge them to vote “No” on the Motion to Proceed.   If you can’t get through to the Hill office, call a nearby district office in your state.

            You can find the phone numbers for nearby district offices here.

2.    Send this email to 5 other friends in STATE.  We normally don’t do this, but these Senators aresuch key votes in this debate and we are doing everything we can to heap massive pressure on them against the government takeover of America’s health care system, so we are asking you to commit to forward this email to at least 5 others in your state that you feel are equally worried about what Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are trying to do our health care.

3.    Visit a nearby district office.  Show your Senator’s staff that this is such an important issue that you will take time out of your day to sit down and explain why you oppose the government takeover of healthcare. 

You can click here for instructions, talking points, and other ways to take action against this terrible plan.  And click here to find the address of a nearby district office.
There is still time to stand up for freedom and stop this bill.  Please take action today.