Utah FreedomWorks Member is a Guest of the President at State of the Union Speech

FreedomWorks is on the front lines of the battle for Social Security reform, and our activists are making the case for reform across the nation. That’s one reason why FreedomWorks member Josh Wright was given the honor of an invitation to sit in the President’s box during the State of the Union address.

Josh is an enthusiastic supporter of Social Security reform through the creation of Personal Retirement Accounts (PRAs) that workers own and control. As a 27-year-old fifth generation farmer from Utah County, UT, Josh believes that workers should be allowed to have real retirement security with personal accounts.

Josh first met President Bush as part of a panel at the Washington, DC townhall on Tuesday, January 11th. At the event, Josh discussed the benefits of ownership with President Bush on stage with Scott Ballard, a member of Washington State FreedomWorks. Josh and Scott were supported by 80 FreedomWorks members in the audience, many of whom came by bus all the way from North Carolina.

FreedomWorks and its members like Josh Wright are working hard to create personal accounts. To find out more about the FreedomWorks Social Security campaign or to interview Josh on his experience at the State of the Union, please contact Chris Kinnan at 202-236-5615 or by email at ckinnan@freedomworks.org.