Venus Williams to President Clinton: “Can you lower my taxes?”

The Washington Post reported Sunday that after Venus Williams won the U.S. Open on Saturday she greeted President Clinton with a question: “Can you lower my taxes?”

It is estimated that after taxes, Venus Williams will take home $483,200 of her $800,000 check for winning the U.S. Open — a 39.6 percent government penalty for winning the U.S. tennis tournament.

While Venus Williams’ tax woes may be an extreme case, it typifies the robbery of Americans’ pocketbooks by the government.

Even with a budget surplus, Americans now pay the highest taxes in our nation’s history. We know if the money stays in Washington, politicians will find a way to waste Americans’ hard-earned money.

It is time to give working Americans a break. We want to scrap the overly complicated code and replace it with a system that is simple, honest and fair.

We support tax cuts that protect, rather than punish, our traditional American values: eliminating the marriage penalty and implementing the across-the-board tax cuts that lower the high rates that discourage hard work, savings and investment.