‘Vote NO Sept. 9’ Campaign Gains Momentum

Alabama CSE’s ‘Vote NO Sept. 9’ campaign continues to grow and take new steps despite powerful and well financed opposition. With the help of CSE activists like you, thousands of bumper stickers urging Alabamians to “Vote NO” have been mailed out across the state just three weeks into this effort. The word is spreading.

Last week, every state legislator received a legislative questionnaire asking them how they will vote on September 9 and whether they believe tax increases are really necessary, or if other options exist that simply were not considered. Some legislators have already returned their completed questionnaires and CSE is looking forward to updating you on our findings in the near future.

CSE would like to commend those Representatives and Senators who continue to stand up for preserving Alabamians’ personal economic freedom by rejecting this fiscally irresponsible plan. Senator Steve French (R-15) along with Representatives Scott Beason (R-51), Dick Brewbaker (R-75), Jim Carns (R-48), Spencer Collier (R-105), Rusty Glover (R-102), Micky Hammon (R-4) and Steve McMillan (R-95) have all returned CSE’s questionnaire stating that they will be voting “NO” on Sept. 9th. These legislators realize that raising taxes is a reckless and self-destructing way to deal with the state’s $650 million deficit.

We urge all Alabamians to contact their state legislators and insist that they complete CSE’s questionnaire. The taxpayers have earned the right to know how their elected officials will vote. Call the CSE Member Hotline NOW at 1-888-564-6273 to be connected with your legislators to encourage them to fill out and return the questionnaire.

While the campaign continues to be a success, active citizens like you must continue to take action and join our fight. Many Alabama citizens still do not realize the horrible effect this tax increase will have on the state’s economy. We are stepping up our efforts to spread the word, but we need your help.

Yard signs promoting the “Vote NO” message have been ordered this week so make sure to call our toll-free member hotline above to order them, and continue to check out our website at www.votenosept9.com to find out how to receive materials that will help you become a leader in the campaign against the tax increases and for periodic updates on upcoming Alabama CSE events near you.