Washington CSE: Huge Impact at State GOP Convention

“CSE is doing a great job in this state.” – Kelly Daniels, Political Director to Senator Slade Gorton

Spokane, WA – On June 16th and 17th, Washington Citizens for a Sound Economy (WA CSE) attended the Washington GOP Convention, and once again proved that WA CSE is the leading grassroots organization in the state. Ensuring a visible presence at the convention, WA CSE displayed its signature booth with novelty items and grassroots educational material and conducted an Activist Training Seminar. The highlight of the weekend was WA CSE’s reception with Senator Slade Gorton and nearly 600 convention attendees. Focusing on lawsuit abuse and antitrust issues WA CSE and Sen. Gorton stressed the theme that “A Lawsuit a Day Keeps Innovation at Bay.”

Grassroots Presence. WA CSE’s message of “A Lawsuit a Day Keeps Innovation at Bay,” was echoed throughout the convention. We educated and equipped activists with over 200 CSE grassroots bags that contained technology and civil justice reform brochures, and distributed over 400 t-shirts, 95 mouse pads and 460 mugs to ensure that our message resonated at the convention. Our grassroots managers conducted an Activist Training Seminar. This seminar educated citizens on how to be politically active and how to be an affective voice for policy change on lawsuit abuse and antitrust issues. The convention director stated that CSE has set a new standard for grassroots education and mobilization.

Washington CSE Director Gary Strannigan gives Senator Slade Gorton CSE’s Government Plan To Break Up and Regulate Microsoft flow chart

Highlight of the Convention. WA CSE hosted a lawsuit abuse reception for convention attendees with Senator Slade Gorton as the keynote speaker. Focusing on antitrust issues, Sen. Gorton expressed his concern that frivolous class action lawsuits are both prohibiting decent, honest Americans from taking real grievances to court and are also punishing competitive, innovative companies from competing in the market place for fear of being sued by greedy trial lawyers. Following the event WA CSE Director Gary Strannigan delivered to Sen. Gorton and Rep. Jennifer Dunn, CSE’s Government Plan to Break Up and Regulate Microsoft flowchart. Rep. Dunn loved the flowchart and asked if we could email a copy to her so that it could be posted on her web site.